Start a Small Business From Home – Landscape Your Way Into Profit

In today’s fast paced world everyone wants to have a beautiful yard but no one wants or has the time to make it happen. One of the fastest growing businesses that you can start out of your home is the landscape business.

Years ago the next door neighbors kid came around asking people if he could mow the lawn for a couple of dollars every week. This was all anybody wanted then, now however everyone has come to expect so much more. Having a beautiful yard means a manicured lawn with gardens full of flowers and shrubs; it means plenty of trees growing in just the right place. What all this really means is the need for a professional landscaper, the perfect job for someone who loves to work outside. Many landscapers got their start mowing lawns and doing general yard maintenance.

These days a good landscaper knows far more than just cutting grass. To become a successful landscaper you need to know everything there is to do with lawns and plants. You will need to have a good working knowledge of plumbing since installing sprinkler systems is part of the job. Since you probably already have a beautiful yard of your own, you have a good basic knowledge of all of these. Many local and community colleges offer classes in horticulture and you may find that your local hardware chain store such as Homed Depot offers classes in sprinkler installation.

If this sounds like the perfect business for you, getting started is not that hard, but it will require a small investment before you get too seriously involved. To look professional you will need to have some new equipment, if you do not already have it. You are also going to need a way to move your equipment, the easiest way is with a truck and trailer, but you can get started with just a pickup truck. Most of the rest of the equipment you may already have and you can always rent anything else you might need.

To get your business off the ground you need customers, you may already know a few just by the number of people who admire your own yard, let them know you are starting your own landscaping business and would love to help them with their yard. Do not be afraid to call around to other landscape businesses and see what they charge, then quote lower prices, this will help get you started. Go to local businesses and offer your services to keep their lawns and gardens looking nice. Place advertisements in your local papers and most of all hand out as many business cards as you can everywhere you go. If you follow this pattern your business will soon become very successful and will provide you with a good steady income.