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How to Triple Your Investments on Value Stock Picks Overnight

Cheap/value stock picks are the only focus for many day traders because of the profitable volatility behind them. It’s just common sense that it takes less outside trading influence to directly impact and affect the price of a cheap stock versus a greater priced stock. Because of this, you’ll commonly see value stock picks quickly go on huge upswings in the short term.

Easily the most difficult aspect of capitalizing on these volatile investments is differentiating the good value stock picks from the bad, so this article will identify an up and coming trend which is growing in popularity amongst every day traders for doing just that.

What I’m referring to is the use of an analytical stock picking program whose sole focus lies on finding the highest probability cheap stocks. This technology has long since been available to professional traders, but in recent years it’s been copied and developed for use by everyday traders.

This technology is so effective because of its emphasis on behavioral overlaps. Stock behavior is very unique and overlaps between two stocks in their behaviors can tell you practically everything you need to know about what that current stock is going to do next.

It’s important to get a cheap stock specific analytical program because it’s a different process anticipating cheaper and more volatile stock behavior versus greater priced, slower moving stocks. On a good day, with a value stock picks specific program like Penny Stock Prophet you’ll receive a pick not unlike my first pick which I received from it which climbed from $.15-$.31 over the course of that first trading day after receiving the pick. Once the market opened the next day, it continued to climb, finally topping off at $.48 a share before gingerly starting to come down again.

On the Infamous Online Business

If you’ve always wanted to build a business of your own but don’t want to spend so much time in the office or on the road, then you might want to consider setting up an internet business instead. Having your own home based business will definitely give you something to work on at home as long as you have a good computer or laptop/notebook and a stable internet connection. With a home based business, you can work almost anytime, anywhere.

But of course having the equipment to make the business exist isn’t the only thing that is important here. You as the owner of your online business need to understand that an online business is only different in terms of the area where you live, the investments you make, and the ways you approach your potential customers.

You still have to spend almost 50% of your time monitoring your business and updating it to give your members and customers an idea of how progressive your business is turning out to be. Aside from this, you have traffic to worry about. Traffic is the term used to describe the online visitors that come and go from your website. These people can either active or inactive, long term or short term customers, depending on how you manage and present your online business to them.

What you are aiming for here is the traffic increase and the rank increase of your online business. These two will indicate two things: the first is your rank in the search engines. Search engines are by far the only way to really get your website known since this is what people use to locate websites.

The famous web portals use search engines in order to find out which websites are the most relevant to the searches being inputted by potential customers and online users everyday. Once you are able to increase your internet rank, your traffic rates will increase tremendously as well. From here, you then concentrate on increasing the number of active members and paying customers that visit your online business. Once you are able to establish a name for yourself and your online business, then that’s the time you can start expecting a long and early retirement.

There are a lot of home based business opportunities awaiting people who are determined enough to work hard in this field of work. A lot of benefits come with an online business despite its reputation of being short termed, expensive, useless, etc. Aside from the fact that you get to monitor, change, and improve on your website, your profits will also rise and improve as well. A 9-5 job usually provides only a stable wage for employees, but with an online business you can have up to a hundred thousand dollars in profit every two months or so. All it takes is a little guidance from the experts, the right internet tools to use to improve the website’s rank, and your own beliefs and dreams in becoming successful.

Loaning Money to Your Children is Suddenly a Wise Investment

2011 federal law taxes estates exceeding $1 million for an individual or $2 million for a married couple at as much as 55 percent. Any gift to an individual of more than $13,000 in any given year may also be taxed as much as 45 percent with the exception of a $1 million lifetime exclusion per donor. For any individual concerned about these tax consequences, intra-family loans can be used for estate planning purposes, since any realized gains will be treated as free of all estate and gift taxes.

During our preliminary consultation with all of our estate planning clients, our firm will determine if our client is subject to the estate tax and if they can use intra-family loans to reduce the value of their estates. The appreciation of any investment made with the loan accrues outside of our client’s estate, as long as it is above the IRS rate. Rates for intra-family loans have declined as much as 53 percent since 2008. Since the interest rates are low and most asset values -such as stocks and real estate- are depressed, there is a much greater possibility that any investments purchased with an intra-family loan in 2010 will appreciate more than the loan’s cost.

The rate for a three year intra-family loan made in January 2010 is currently 0.57 percent. The rate is 2.45 percent for a loan of three years to nine years and 4.11 percent for a loan of nine years or more. These rates compare favorably with an average rate of 10.55 percent for a personal bank loan and 12.51 percent for a credit-union loan.

Parents can loan their children money to buy a business and the children can repay the loan using profits from the firm. Any future appreciation or income derived from the business beyond the loan amount are then considered part of the children’s estate and the parents’ estate remains protected. Moreover, any amount above the 1.65 interest rate will pass to the children free of all estate and gift taxes.

Family members should be aware the loans must be repaid in full with interest at the rate specified by the IRS. If the borrower doesn’t repay, it may be considered a gift subject to the gift tax.